Erasmus + Key Action 1 Mobility Program 2015


From the Wild Atlantic Way to North West Sicily, ERASMUS+ provided a very rewarding training opportunity.
Donegal and Kerry ETB’s Adult Basic Education Service Staff shared an exciting training opportunity in Sicily in early September.

The course, funded by Leargas under Erasmus + Key Actions and supported by Donegal and Kerry ETBs, was delivered in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto in North East Sicily. The core elements of the programme included:

  • Working in an intercultural environment
  • Communication challenges related to multicultural students
  • Motivation – extrinsic and intrinsic
  • Managing staff and managing change
  • Development of problem solving skills
  • Developing team working skills and sharing ideas and strategies

The training programme and information material for the course were developed by EProject to meet the objectives of ERASMUS+ applications made to Leargas by both Donegal and Kerry ETBs. Initial preparation included exploring the willingness and feasibility of the basic education staff of two ETBs combining to attend a training programme. This meant comparing both applications and, most importantly, ascertaining staff willingness and motivation to participate. The staff in both ETBs welcomed the prospect of sharing training. A comparison of the application forms highlighted shared objectives. Emails passed between Donegal and Kerry as dates, locations and course providers were verified, discussed and finally agreed upon.
In March 2015 EProject, ERASMUS+ approved trainers, were contacted with a view to exploring the possibility of providing a course to meet the needs of the staff of both Donegal and Kerry ETBs. From that initial email, EProject were helpful and supportive and were willing to negotiate and accommodate in respect of dates, duration and content. Dates and course content were agreed and the staff of EProject organised accommodation and transfers. All was set for a September training course.

The Sicilian sunshine and the staff of EProject created an atmosphere that was both motivating and conducive to engagement. The mix of participants (from two different ETBs located at opposite ends of the Wild Atlantic Way) and the facilitation skills of Natalia Seriakova from Germany created a positive energy. Training started with an overview of ERASMUS + Key Actions and some general information on Sicily. As training progressed, Natalia presented scenarios, case studies, group and individual tasks which generated lively debates, discussion on developments and circumstances and a willingness to view issues and topics from different perspectives.


Small group work and ‘walk and talk’ during cultural outings meant that the Donegal and Kerry participants worked, laughed, learned and shared together. Participants availed of an opportunity, in a very different setting, to explore and reflect on their own practice and to investigate new approaches and strategies. Back home and with winter beckoning and the surf of the Wild Atlantic Way pounding both coastlines, the contacts made and the skills gained through this shared training will ensure continued links and sharing between the Basic Education Services of both Kerry and Donegal ETBs.

Grasie Mille


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Education as a Driver for Change

Erasmus+ project  


Attending the Erasmus + in-education transnational meeting in the GRETB Training Centre .

Left : Right  Alfred Berndl – ISOP Austria, Eithne Nic Dhonnchadha – AEO GRETB, Silivia Goehring –  ISOP Austria, Tricia Hartley – Campaign for Learning UK,  Caroline Manahl  & Juliet Tschank – ZSI Austria, Sheila Holland Fox & Kevin Kelly – Tuam Adult Learning Centre

The following partners were involved in the Erasmus+ project “Education as a Driver for Change.”  The focus of the transnational partnership was to provide access to new learning opportunities.

ISOP – Austria, Campaign for Learning – UK, GRETB – Ireland, Zentrum für Soziale Innovation – Austria

Project Outline:

The main aim of the “ – Education as a Driver for Change” project was to increase the enrolment in education of educationally and socially disadvantaged people who have not accessed education via the usual channels. Three different strategies have been developed and tested and the findings are intended to contribute to the further professionalisation of adult education.

Strategy 1: Aimed to activate the social environment, which has a major influence on educationally disadvantaged people engaging/re-engaging in education. developed special training for the new multipliers to raise awareness, to help them to understand the importance of their role and to support them in becoming active within their own social environment to identify potential participants.

Strategy 2: When it comes to education, people think mostly in terms of formal schooling including degrees, certificates, apprenticeships or traineeships. The main aim of this strategy was to acknowledge informal competencies, informally achieved skills and knowledge from the everyday life of socially and educationally disadvantaged adults. The recognition of those skills will help empower socially and educationally disadvantaged adults to gain a better understanding of education and access educational opportunities.

Strategy 3: This strategy was aimed at employees of adult education organisations and how their administration systems, educational programmes and training in adult education are matched to the needs of the socially and educationally disadvantaged.  Existing systems and educational opportunities were studies for those who are educationally disadvantaged and they were compared with the findings of current science and research.

The results of “Education as Driver for Change” are now available on:

gretb erasmus