Digital Literacy

New Spelling App for Literacy and Language Learners

GRETB’s Adult Literacy Service is delighted to announce the launch of their new spelling app, Syllables, on the App store. It is free to download and is primarily aimed at literacy and language learners. This app is perfect for learning the basic principles of syllable division and allows learners to practice using common everyday words in 5 different levels and 8 different topic areas. Understanding syllable division also aids decoding skills necessary for reading, and the app will increase vocabulary among language learners. It is bright, cheerful and easy to use, with an option to unlock all levels if desired.

Please download it and try it out if you have learners who would benefit from it and then send us any feedback you may have to

Many thanks!

Bray Adult Learning Centre – Integrating Digital Education in Adult Literacy

Bray Adult Learning Centre are taking part in a KA2 Strategic Partnership called IDEAL – Integrating Digital Education in Adult Literacy.  Four staff members attended a transnational teaching and training event in Helsinki in October 2016.

The project involves sharing good practice and exploring the use of digital technology in teaching adults basic skills. They are developing the use of the interactive whiteboard and a workshop was held on this in Helsinki.

Check out the video below:


hel-1 hel-2 hel-3 hel-4KWETB Schools Open Nights 2016 – All Welcome