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About ALOA


ALOA is the professional representative body for Adult Literacy Organisers (ALOs), managing adult literacy and basic education services throughout the Republic of Ireland as part of an integrated ETB Adult Education Service. The aims of the association include the promotion of a high quality adult literacy service and to secure recognition of the economic, social, and cultural context of adult literacy. The association represents the views of Adult Literacy Organisers and contributes to the development of Adult Basic Education policy through member representation on committees at national level.

The role of an ALO is multifaceted and involves supporting and managing students, volunteer and paid tutors, developing and implementing programmes, as well as managing finance, resources, premises and non-academic staff. The ALO is responsible for the quality of a diverse range of service provision and is also involved in drawing up policies with regard to Adult Basic Education at local level as part of integrated services within ETBs. The ALO ensures that the educational needs of the student are met; from initial consultation, to organising appropriate tuition and identifying progression options, to the point of exit. Importantly, by working with colleagues from across the FET sector and linking with internal and external stakeholders, the ALO continues to ensure that options are available for adult learners with literacy difficulties who wish to return to education.

The ALOA supports its members in the delivery of a professional Adult Literacy Service and had made a hugely significant contribution to adult literacy since its establishment in 1998. This contribution is built on the commitment of its members to provide a high quality and professional literacy service in the Republic of Ireland.


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ALOA Region Map

Donegal ETB

Adele McElhinney – adelemcelhinney@donegaletb.ie (Regional Literacy Coordinator)

Claire McNicholl – clairemcnicholl@donegaletb.ie

Mairéad Somerville – maireadsomerville1961@donegaletb.ie

Emilia Niewulska – emilia@donegaletb.ie

Georgina Thompson – georginathompson@donegaletb.ie

Teresa Kealy – teresakealy@donegaletb.ie

Trisha Walsh Gillespie – patriciawalshgillespie@donegaletb.ie

MSL ETB (Mayo, Sligo and Leitrim)

Gary Burke – garyburke@msletb.ie

Dolores McLoughlin – doloresmcloughlin@msletb.ie

Mary Morrissey – marymorrissey@msletb.ie

Noelle Staunton – noellestaunton@msletb.ie

Rosario Cooney – rosariocooney@msletb.ie

GRETB (Galway and Roscommon)

Brendan Moriarty- Brendan.moriarty@gretb.ie

Neasa de Bhailis – Neasa.debhailis@gretb.ie

Sheila Donnellan – Sheila.donnellan@gretb.ie

Kevin Kelly –  kevin.kelly@gretb.ie

Audrey Byrne – Audrey.byrne@gretb.ie

Irene Greene – Irene.greene@gretb.ie

Fergal McDonnell – Fergal.mcdonnell@gretb.ie

Bridget Madden – bridget.madden@gretb.ie

Tipperary ETB

Mary Roche – mroche@tipperaryetb.ie

Lavinia English – lenglish@tipperaryetb.ie

Ester Mackey – emackey@tipperaryetb.ie

LCETB (Limerick and Clare)

Sile O’Riordan – sile.oriordan@lcetb.ie (Regional Literacy Coordinator)

Margot Walsh – margot.walsh@lcetb.ie
Maire Dempsey – maire.dempsey@lecetb.ie
Mary Flanagan – mary.flanagan@lcetb.ie
Mary Dunne – mary.dunne@lcetb.ie
Geraldine O’Reilly – geraldine.oreilly@lcetb.ie
Lorraine Markham – lorraine.markham@lcetb.ie

Loretta Hughes, loretta.hughes@lcetb.ie

CMETB (Cavan and Monaghan)

Ceinwen Fergus – ceinwenfergus@cmetb.ie
Regina Clarke – reginaclarke@cmetb.ie
Laura Brady – laurabrady@cmetb.ie

LWETB (Longford and Westmeath)

Frances Stephenson – fstephenson@lwetb.ie
Joan Slevin – AdultLiteracySouth@lwetb.ie
Tricia Egginton – AdultLiteracyNorth@lwetb.ie

LMETB (Louth and Meath)

Kinga Byrne – kbyrne@lmetb.ie
Helen Kenealy – hkenealy@lmetb.ie
Deirdre Carmody – dcarmody@lmetb.ie

WWETB (Waterford and Wexford)

Jackie Browne – jackiebrowne@wwetb.ie

Kristin Gray – kristingray@wwetb.ie

Margaret Howard – margarethoward@wwetb.ie

Nicola Mc Carthy Hanlon – nicolamccarthyhanlon@wwetb.ie

Siobhan Crotty – siobhancrotty@wwetb.ie

KWETB (Kildare and Wicklow)

Annette Mangan – annettemangan@kwetb.ie

Christine Wray – christinewray@kwetb.ie

Deirdre Curtin – deirdrecurtin@kwetb.ie

Kathryn Orr – kathrynorr@kwetb.ie

Roy Brennan – roybrennan@kwetb.ie

LOETB (Laois and Offaly)

Lisa Mc Evoy – lmcevoy@loetb.ie

KCETB (Kilkenny and Carlow)

Cork ETB

Mary Ryder – mary.ryder@corketb.ie
Bríd Murphy – brid.murphy@corketb.ie

Kerry ETB

CDETB (Dublin City)

Clare Campbell, Ballymun – clare.campbell@aes.cdetb.ie

Leah Skipton, Kilbarrack/KLEAR – leah.skipton@aes.cdetb.ie

Marie Reilly, Crumlin/Ballyfermot – marie.reilly@aes.cdetb.ie

Sian Crowley, Warrenmount, D8 – sian.crowley@aes.cdetb.ie

Orna Fynes, Finglas – nicola.callaghan@aes.cdetb.ie

Joyce Gough, Parnell Square – joyce.gough@aes.cdetb.ie

Fionnuala Carter, Coolock/Darndale – fionnuala.carter@aes.cdetb.ie

Denise Shannon, Liberties/Rathmines/Ringsend – denise.shannon@aes.cdetb.ie

Catherine Smyth, Cabra – catherine.smyth@aes.cdetb.ie

DDLETB (Dublin (County) and Dun Laoghaire)

Caro Neville, Dún Laoghaire – caroneville@ddletbaes.ie

Fiona Kavanagh, Balbriggan – fionakavanagh@ddletbaes.ie

Anne McDonald, Blanchardstown – annemcdonald@ddletbaes.ie

Josephine Jewell, acting ALO, Blanchardstown josephinejewell@ddletbaes.ie

Mary McGrath, Swords – marymcgrath@ddletbaes.ie

Nuala Nedjati, Lucan – nualanedjati@ddletbaes.ie

Lorna Patterson, Dundrum – lornapatterson@ddletbaes.ie

Helen Cleary, Clondalkin – HelenCleary@ddletbaes.ie

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Joyce Gough
Adult Literacy Organiser
Mary McGrath
Adult Literacy Organiser
Mary Swaine
Adult Literacy Organiser
Ester Mackey
Adult Literacy Organiser
Laura Brady
Adult Literacy Organiser
Mary Ryder
Adult Literacy Organiser
Gary Burke
Adult Literacy Organiser
Nicola McCarthy-Hanlon
Adult Literacy Organiser
Kevin Kelly
Adult Literacy Organiser
Ceinwen Fergus
Adult Literacy Organiser